Stuarts Online is a product of several years of collaborative work, by a team of people with longstanding interests in the Stuart era. We are united in our commitment to making this extraordinary period in the political and cultural life of Britain more accessible.

Members of the project team worked together on The Stuarts Succession Project. But we wanted to do more to communicate beyond a community of academic researchers, so we developed a follow-on project to produce Stuarts Online. We wanted to create resources for the teaching and studying of the Stuart period, that would also be of interest to a wider audience.

Collaboration has been vital for us. Researchers based at the universities of Exeter and Oxford have worked with experts at: the Ashmolean Museum, the Bodleian Library, and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. In the process, we have also had privileged access to the holdings of these partner organisations, which we bring to Stuarts Online. And we have benefited from specialist advice from the Historical Association and the professional media-development work of Historyworks.

Academic Team
Andrew McRae

University of Exeter

Paulina Kewes

University of Oxford

John West

University of Nottingham

Joseph Hone

University of Cambridge

Anna-Marie Linnell

University of Exeter

Justin Champion

University of London

Helen Weinstein


Giovanna Vitelli

Ashmolean Museum

Alexandra Franklin

Bodleian Library

Matthew Winterbottom

Ashmolean Museum

Ian Archer

University of Oxford

Anjna Chouhan

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Nick Walton

Shakespeare Birthplace trust

Katharine Burn

University of Oxford

The Historical Association
Jesus College, Oxford
Bodleian Libraries
Ashmolean Museum
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust