Andrew McRae

University of Exeter

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Andrew McRae is the Professor of Renaissance Studies and Head of English at the University of Exeter.

Andrew has published extensively on early modern literature and culture, combining literary and historical modes of analysis in books such as Literature, Satire and the Early Stuart State (2004) and Literature and Domestic Travel in Early Modern England (2009). He has also edited manuscript sources from the early seventeenth century in the free online edition Early Stuart Libels (2005). Andrew currently acts as the Principal Investigator on The Poly-Olbion Project and The Stuart Successions Project, research from which is featured on Stuarts Online.

I’ve been interested for many years in the ways in which people in seventeenth-century Britain wrote about politics. This was an extraordinary era for political literature; a time in which writers helped to make sense of the conflicts and divisions that reshaped their nation.

Besides the literature and political culture of the Stuart era, Andrew is also interested in representations of early modern woodlands, in the context of ongoing debates about environmental sustainability and Britain’s natural resources.

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