Accessing texts and douments from the Stuart era is increasingly easy. On our online resources page we describe some of the best sources of reliable material, and on our independent study page we address the needs of A-Level and university students faced with the demands of working alone with such resources.

On this page we focus on some of the texts which have influenced the ‘Stuarts Online’ films. These are texts, in particular, concerned with moments of succession, from one regime to another. A selection of succession texts is available on The Stuart Successions Project website. You can also use the Stuart Successions database to trace other writing from these pivotal moments in early modern British history.

In addition, we are producing an anthology of succession literature, which will be published in print by Manchester University Press in 2017. This will make a great deal of important texts available – all modernized and annotated – and will include a substantial introduction. In advance of this publication, we offer here a short extract from each item.