A Proclamation Declaring the Undoubted Right of our Sovereign Lord King James, to the Crown of the Realms of England, France and Ireland

Forasmuch as it hath pleased almighty God to call to his mercy out of this transitory life our Sovereign Lady, the high and mighty princess, Elizabeth late Queen of England, France, and Ireland, by whose death and dissolution, the imperial crown of these realms aforesaid are now absolutely, wholly, and solely come to the high and mighty prince, James the Sixth King of Scotland, who is lineally and lawfully descended from the body of Margaret, daughter to the high and renowned prince, Henry the Seventh King of England, France and Ireland, his great grandfather, the said Lady Margaret being lawfully begotten of the body of Elizabeth, daughter to King Edward the Fourth (by which happy conjunction both the houses of York and Lancaster were united, to the joy unspeakable of this kingdom, formerly rent and torn by the long dissention of bloody and civil wars) the same Lady Margaret being also the eldest sister of Henry the Eighth, of famous memory King of England as aforesaid.