Elinor James, The Humble Petition of Elinor James (1685)

I humbly beseech your Majesty not to promote anything that robs God of his honour and degrades the Son, for that will be high ingratitude to the most high, since his providence hath defended you from all your dangers, and hath anointed you king. And how can your Majesty be so unkind as to decline from him in believing of those things that God never intended? For God never intended that the Virgin Mary should be as a god, to have prayers made to her, for God hath commanded us to pray unto him in the time of our trouble, and he will hear, and Christ says, ask the Father in my name and he will give you whatever is needful for you. And Christ never intended that his natural body should be eaten and drunk, but his spiritual body and blood that they might by faith eat and overcome their sins.