John Crouch, The Muses Joy For The Happy Arrival and Recovery of that Weeping Vine Henrietta-Maria (1660)

The Queen returned! More wonders still! A Troy
Of spoils and blood has raised a Greece of joy!
Dull age! Thy long imprisoned faith release,
Believe, nay see, that miracles do not cease:
Heaven’s arm has burst the cloud, made bare and bright
Hath eased our faith, turned vision into sight.
But is the Queen arrived? Come safely over?
Then Calais mingle cliffs, and kiss thy Dover;
Then France and Christendom be joined to Kent,
Not by a fast league, but firm continent.
The waves wrought not this wonder, there hath stood
Twixt her and us a wider sea of blood:
Which once dried up, the Queen might freely pass,
Her ship moved on a pavement, smooth as glass:
While waters sensible (like those we please)
Smile to transport the Queen of the narrow seas!