On the Occasion of the Descent of his Highness the Prince of Orange into England, and their Highnesses Accession to the Crown. A Pindaric Ode (1689)

He comes, he comes, th’ Almighty’s choice!
The winds, and seas obey his voice!
’Twas heaven the mighty work begun,
For every act of thine,
Almighty hero, is divine;
For heaven are all the conquests thou hast won:
To thy commission who would not submit!
Whose victories are in the gaining sweet;
And in fruition sure must be divinely great.
Those noble searching souls, who early knew
The miseries that would ensue;
And early were oppressed,
For turning evils to the best,
Heaven’s gracious care at thy approach confessed;
On thee their faith, and hope securely placed:
Nor flattering honour, vicious gain,
Nor influence, the rest could chain,
On thee to trust ’tis safe, on them ’tis vain