Samuel Pepys, from the Diary (25 May 1660)

Great expectation of the King’s making some knights, but there was none. About noon (though the brigantine  that Beale  made was there ready to carry him), yet he would go in my Lord’s barge with the two Dukes; our captain steered, and my Lord went along bare  with him. I went, and Mr. Mansell  and one of the King’s footmen, with a dog that the King loved (which shit in the boat, which made us laugh and me think that a King and all that belong to him are but just as others are) went in a boat by ourselves; and so got on shore when the king did, who was received by General Monck  with all imaginable love and respect at his entrance upon the land of Dover. Infinite the crowd of people and the gallantry of the horsemen, citizens, and noblemen of all sorts.