William Penn(?), Tears Wiped Off: or, The Second Essay of the Quakers (1685)

We unacquainted are with mighty show,
But if our sense of this thou wilt allow,
We could dispense had it been greater now.
We foolish faults had, James, and not a few;
But ’mongst the kings the Bible doth afford,
More than their greatest glory is thy due;
For a king’s splendour speaks him like his word.
We ne’re shall poets for description grow,
We leave all that to authors that bestow
On kings their talent, and usurpers too.
Walk with the people, and the rebels guide;
And then the godlike royal ones deride:
Though now they faun and flatter on their side.
We say, preserve thee James, thy consort so,
From such timeservers, bowing but for show,
We from great nature’s Light are loyal now.